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About Us


Jordyn Lackey

Imagination Studio Guide

Jordyn is a certified NAMC Early Childhood (3-6) Montessori Guide and is in her 5th year of serving at Acton Academy Tyler as a full-time guide. Her hobbies are writing and playing music, writing short stories, films, and musicals, Krav Maga, and reading books about cooking and gardening. 


“The main thing that inspires me to work at Acton is that the model respects the minds, hearts, and innate talents of young people in a way that most educational systems do not,” says Jordyn. 


Her favorite memories with the learners are when they are in their element - whether it's reading a book, joining someone who starts to sing, or finding a new bug or a rock and sharing it with all of their friends. 

“I love seeing children in their natural curious and joyful state, especially when I am off to the side and just observing,” added Jordyn. 

Erica Timmons

FOUNDER & Head of School

Growing up in the midwest as a child of educators, Erica has always had a deep love for learning and creating. She followed in her parents footsteps to become an educator with a degree in elementary education from Tennessee Temple University. She began her career as a traditional teacher, during which time she earned another bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Teaching and Learning from Liberty University.


After several years in the classroom, Erica started a learning center to help struggling students and a microschool for student athletes. It was through research about best practices and innovation that she learned about the Acton Academy model, and she knew that she had stumbled upon something extraordinary that would benefit her own family as well as other families in the Tyler area.


Erica’s daughters, Ruby, Hannah, Liberty, Ember, and Phoebe are her prime reason for starting Acton Academy Tyler. One of her greatest desires is for her daughters to become adventurers, learners, and world-changers.

Dillon Timmons

Born and raised in Texas, Dillon has always been passionate about independence. Around middle school he decided traditional education wasn’t the most efficient way to learn and began to plug in to this new thing called the internet. In the early days he quickly found out this new world of the internet did not come with an instruction manual, so he needed to learn by doing. Over the next decade of using the “hacker” approach to learning, he found himself earning a Bachelor’s Degree from Liberty University, building a career in engineering leadership, and began his entrepreneurial journey. His passion about his family led him to co-found Acton Academy Tyler so his five daughters have the best possible education.



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