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Our Studio Classrooms

Imagination Studio

Ages 4-7
“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” -Albert Einstein

Guiding Belief: Play is the important work of the child.

Character Focus:

Heroes are encouraged to develop and practice a sense of right and wrong with a foundation in learning to be a good friend. They learn to be part of a community with a focus on collaboration, conflict resolution, curiosity, and creation.

Academic Focus:

Heroes explore the natural world, build a strong reading foundation, develop a real-world math sense, and practice caring for the environment. All learning in the Imagination Studio happens through play.

Exploration Studio

Ages 7-12

Guiding Belief: Exciting challenges foster curiosity and encourage learners to dig deeper into the world around them.

Character Focus:

Heroes develop and practice goal setting, growth mindset, and the value of work hard/play hard. They learn how to identify and celebrate failures quickly with a keen awareness of building community. A primary focus at this age is the consideration of others, their ideas, and their needs.

Academic Focus:

Heroes improve reading, writing, math, and art through projects and adaptive technology. They will begin taking on more structured problem solving in math and challenges in reading and writing.

Transformation Studio

Ages 12-14

Guiding Belief: Heroes thrive with a high degree of choice, expectations of excellence, physical movement, and hard work. 

Character Focus:

Heroes thrive in love of learning and take on greater responsibility for self and community contribution. They learn to foster healthy peer connections through team building, collaboration, meaningful discussion, and actively practice holding one another accountable.

Academic Focus:

Transformation studio is focused on assimilating knowledge from powerful books, history, and science through socratic discussion and self reflection. Heroes increase their focus level by alternating with intermittent breaks for movement and collaboration. They also develop higher levels of rigor and time management in writing and problem solving.

Launchpad Studio

Ages 15-18

Guiding Belief: Head’s down (get to work) & Head’s up (Servant Leadership).

Character Focus:

Launch Pad serves high school aged heroes through self-discovery & personal gifts, servant leadership, high-level morality, and habits of personal success.

Academic Focus:

Learners experience self-paced, self-directed projects to attain critical thinking, conceptual mastery of all high school core subjects, clear written & spoken communication, and have opportunities to intern with industry leading professionals. They make meaningful connections between the work of learning and real life experiences.


In the Imagination Studio, learners aged 4-7 focus on all aspects of mind, body, and spirit. Learners are guided through age-appropriate discussions, team building, hands-on quests, and play-based learning. They are presented with applications of practical life, sensory, math, and reading at their own pace and as their interest blooms through Montessori manipulatives. 


In Exploration studio, learners aged 7-12 use adaptive technology and hands-on materials to build a strong foundation of core skills. They develop and practice goal setting, growth mindset, working hard, and playing hard.  They improve reading, writing, math, and art while experiencing opportunities for exploration, collaboration, and free play with a keen awareness of building community.

brain (1).png

In Transformation studio, learners aged 10-14 continue to collaborate and build friendships while working on real world problems. They are presented with the opportunity to learn to write and think more deeply with an increased focus on assimilating knowledge from books, history, and science. Learners experience socratic discussion and self reflection to further develop their character. They develop a deeper understanding of who they are while exploring their natural gifts and talents along their hero’s journey .

Launch Pad

Launch Pad serves high school aged learners through conceptual mastery of all subjects, using clear written and spoken communication. They will experience self-paced, self-directed projects, and have opportunities to intern with industry leading professionals while building real world skills.In Launch Pad, learners will figure out their life’s true purpose, their calling, and will begin a lifelong journey following their passions.

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